Follow these guidelines to create a blog to start generating money with EPUFFER!

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to get started (and keep) making money online. With the various tools and resources available, pretty much anyone, irrespective of their technical know-how, can create and run a successful and lucrative blog.
10 steps to start making money with a blog

1. Choose your blog niche. This is the overall subject (and audience) focus of your blog. Because you are marketing EPUFFER, your niche should be in an area that will generate an audience that would be interested in e-Cigarette products. This could be very specific, for example a blog focused entirely on e-cigars. Or it could be a more general or related subject that is of interest to you, but also appeals to the kinds of people who enjoy e-cigarettes, cigars and pipes (such as most adult lifestyle topics).

2. Buy a domain name and hosting package for your blog. You can usually buy the domain name at the same time as signing up for a hosting account. A domain name is the Internet address of your blog, for example, Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and relevant to the products you are promoting or the subject of your website.
Choose a hosting company with a good reputation which also supports seamless integration of a blogging platform, such as WordPress. It can be very confusing when trying to choose a host for your website. Try one of the following: BlueHost, DreamHost, SiteGround. (NB: We are not related to any of those companies but they have good reputations with WordPress bloggers).

3. Choose a blogging platform. The most popular blogging platform is WordPress and we recommend using that.

4. Install your blog. Most hosting companies (including the ones mentioned above) support one-click installation of a WordPress blog to your website. Set-up is pretty painless but if you get stuck don’t hesitate to contact the customer support of your hosting company for help.

NB: It’s important to note that there are blog hosting services which you can sign up for and automatically have a blog up and running for a monthly fee, such as and others. Hosting a blog at is different than hosting your site elsewhere and installing the WordPress software. Yes, that can be confusing at first! What you need to consider in these cases is whether or not they allow you to add your own banners (at you cannot add commercial plugins, banners and so on). When blogging with the goal of making money you’re not going to get very far without banners, so make sure you’re not limited in that respect.


Once your blog is up and running, your focus should be on increasing audience appeal. This is can be achieved through a number of ways including:

5. Install a custom theme to make your blog look unique and interesting.

6. Publish relevant and compelling content on a consistent basis. The content you publish must be useful and interesting to your target audience. You want to establish a connection, build trust and grow the relationship.

7. Incorporate social media marketing and email marketing into your blogging for greater results. Those are subjects that require their own tutorials but, in short: Create a Twitter account and Facebook Page and additional accounts as appropriate at Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Add widgets for your audience to follow your blog on Twitter, Facebook etc and also include a newsletter subscription box. Keep your social media accounts updated with your latest posts as well as related content from other sources, and keep your subscribers engaged with a regular newsletter with snippets of your current blog content.

8. Set up Google Alerts ( to receive updates on the latest content related to certain keywords. This will give you content to blog about on a regular basis.

9. Learn from others. Be on the lookout for blogging and online marketing tips from the pros, especially in the areas of social media marketing and ‘SEO’. Learn how the experts are doing it and incorporate the same in your blogging activities.

10. Add banners and text links from your EPUFFER Profits account management area. While you should obviously include links and banner ads on your blog, do not make the mistake of stuffing your blog with advertising. That strategy used to work quite well back in the Wild West days of the Internet, but today’s surfer is most likely to click on a link from your site if they feel a connection to you and your content – and trust your opinion.

Good luck and thank you for working with EPUFFER!